:Graphic designer and illustrator Ea Söderberg

Hapate Design

Ea Söderberg was born in 1981 in Finland. She graduated from the Lahti Polytechnic (Finland) in 2007 and studied in Utrecht School of the Arts (The Netherlands) in 2005. Before moving to Berlin in Autumn 2011 she lived two years in Lisbon.

In 2004 she founded Hapate Design and has since then worked with graphic design and illustrations. Doing cover design and layouts for novels, fantasy literature and business books occupies most of her time.

Ea also works closely with the Finnish company Tikau and is volunteering for the NGO Tikau Share. Both the company and the NGO cooperate with Indian artisans living in rural villages. She has been travelling in India photographing Tikau’s and the NGO's work.

So far she has worked for Finnish customers and is now interested in finding new projects in Germany. If possible, Ea would like to be contacted in English since she is still learning German.

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